Digital Adoption for Learning and Industry Application

Application Eligibility


The Applicant is required to meet the following criteria at all times and to continuously meet the criteria throughout the project period.

Incorporated in Malaysia under the Companies Act 1965 or the Companies Act 2016
Minimum issued and paid up capital of RM10,000
Minimum 2 years business operations
Business who involve in B2B mainly (Manufacturer, Industrial, makers, builders)
Minimum annual sales revenue RM1,000,000
Minimum of 51% equity held by Malaysian(s). For companies which shareholders are another company, the same rule applies. The checks are limited to three tiers of shareholding.




Step-Up Model

Diagnostics (Assessment)
  • Enterprise performance
  • Technology readiness
  • 2
    Process Analysis (Improvement)
  • Understanding productivity concepts & challenges
  • Analysis of the key process
  • Prioritise / identify problem statements
  • Improve company indicators
  • Propose solution
  • 3
    Digitalisation / Intervention
    Handholding and Monitoring of Projects
  • AI
  • Dashboard
  • IoT
  • Big Data
  • Lean
  • Other means of technology
  • 4
  • Projects
  • Reports
  • Productivity

    Step Up

    To increase the level of productivity within firms, MPC, in collaboration with training centres and digital solution providers, has come out with a programme called “Productivity Step Up” that covers three main components: diagnostics, process analysis, and intervention.

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